Slow Down In Town Campaign Gets Underway in Darien

Slow Down In Town Campaign Gets Underway in Darien


The town’s second traffic awareness campaign got underway in June and its focus was again on getting motorists to reduce their speed when they are driving and to be more aware of pedestrians and cyclists who share the local roadways with them.

Town officials were out in neighborhoods putting up Slow Down In Town yard signs, handing out stickers to local business owners to display in their stores and shops, and distributing materials to parents and students at area schools. Flyers promoting the campaign were also sent out in the mail.

The Slow Down In Town campaign is a coordinated effort by the town leaders, local law enforcement, and members of the Representative Town Meeting to make residents aware of the need for slower speeds and to pay attention to the road when they are driving. That means using phones and other mobile devices less when they’re behind the wheel.

Monica McNally, the town’s First Selectman, said the success of a public awareness campaign such as Slow Down In Town depends on the support of the entire community, not just town leaders and law enforcement.

“The people who can really make a difference are the residents who drive on our roadways every day,” McNally said. “This campaign is a reminder for all of us to slow down, and to pay extra careful attention, especially as we enter the busy summer season.”

Police Commissioner Brent Hayes said the No. 1 goal of the Slow Down In Town campaign is to change the driving habits of more people.

“I often hear from residents that people are driving too fast in their neighborhood where children are at play and pedestrians are on the road,” Hayes said. “We want people to think safety first and be aware of their surroundings.”

Darien Police Chief Don Anderson said his department is happy to be teaming up with the town on another traffic-safety campaign. He said his officers will do what they can to speak to as many residents as possible to stress the importance of slowing down when they drive and be more attentive when they are behind the wheel.

“This is a positive effort for the entire community,” Anderson said. “Being more responsible behind the wheel protects everyone in town, not just pedestrians and cyclists. We all need to drive more safely and look out for others.”

The Slow Down In Town campaign continues through mid-July.

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