Latest Slow Down In Town campaign wraps up in Darien

Latest Slow Down In Town campaign wraps up in Darien


Darien’s third public safety campaign wrapped up last week and Town officials are pleased that residents are taking notice.

“We’ve received positive feedback and encouraging emails from residents who saw the yard signs and have engaged with our social media, and many have taken notice of how they are driving,” said Police Commissioner Brent Hayes about the latest Slow Down In Town campaign.

Like the previous two campaigns, Town officials and volunteers put up yard signs throughout the community. Banners were displayed at schools and on local buildings while magnets featuring the Slow Down In Town logo were handed out at a number of community events.

Residents also received a series of emails from the Town that provided information and safety tips when drivers encounter school buses, cyclists, and pedestrians on local roadways. Other emails talked about the many changes in crosswalk laws over the decades and an impromptu trip to Great Island for Slow Down In Town volunteers.

Every sign, banner, email, and event was concentrated on a specific message – getting drivers to be more aware that they share the road with family, friends, and neighbors every time they’re in a vehicle so practicing good habits is paramount to everyone’s safety.

Darien Police Chief Don Anderson said roadway safety would improve significantly if drivers of all ages could put away their mobile devices.

“The phones and mobile devices continue to be a concern,” Anderson said. “We’re doing our part through enforcement and education, but until we see a real reduction in the number of people who use their phones while they drive, people need to pay attention to their surroundings when they’re on the road.”As this year’s campaign comes to a close, Town officials hope that residents and visitors will remain patient while driving and pay close attention to pedestrians throughout the year and the upcoming holiday season.



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