Darien’s third Slow Down In Town Safety Campaign is Underway

Darien’s third Slow Down In Town Safety Campaign is Underway


There are reminders all over the Town of Darien that the community’s latest traffic awareness campaign is underway.

Slow Down In Town yard signs, bumper stickers, and banners are starting to pop up as the third public safety campaign ramps up for the next six weeks.

The Slow Down In Town campaign is a coordinated effort by the town leaders, local law enforcement, and members of the Representative Town Meeting to make residents aware of the need for slower speeds and to pay attention to the road when they drive. That means using phones and other mobile devices less when they’re behind the wheel.

“As we mark the beginning of our third year with the Slow Down in Town campaign, I urge everyone to be patient when driving. Take your time, arrive safely and be vigilant for our children and pedestrians,” said Monica McNally, Darien’s First Selectman. “Together, we can make our town a safer and more caring community.”

Darien Police Chief Donald Anderson said many of the accidents investigated by local police are not accidents at all but are too often set into motion simply by inattentive operator or pedestrian actions. Anderson added that many of the fender bender collisions in the town are predictable, year over year, in both time and location.

“We are very fortunate to live and work in a very safe community where traffic safety issues can be addressed on an ongoing and proactive basis,” Anderson said. “Motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike need to fully recognize a shared responsibility to ensure a safe community for us all.’

Brent Hayes, a member of the Darien police commission, said the start of a new school year and the ongoing construction projects in downtown Darien and adjacent to the Noroton Heights Metro North station only add to the need for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists to be on the alert.

“The purpose of the Slow Down in Town campaign is to raise awareness for pedestrian safety and responsible driving in our community,” Hayes said. “We want to remind our residents and visitors to please keep their eyes on the road, and not their phones, and always watch for pedestrians and children.”

Hayes, who has spearheaded the previous two safety campaigns, said the Town is seeing the benefits of the program.

“As a whole, I think the majority of people in town are more aware when they are driving and do their best to practice good habits when they are behind the wheel,” he said.

The Slow Down In Town campaign will continue through the middle of November.


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